Mario Rechtern/Weasel Walter/Sheik Anorak, Vanilla Riot, George Chen/Steve Santa Maria

Le Club Suburbia @ OCCii

16 Apr 2010
16 Apr 2010

Le Club Suburbia brings you possitive music vides in Amsterdam.

Mario Rechtern/Weasel Walter/Sheik Anorak is a free jazz trio improv trio.
Mario Rechtern (reeds and electronics), Berlin 1942, has been active as a musician internationally since the late sixties. He is heard as a very sympathetic ensemble player who can merge his sound with any sound in a group as he intuitively grasps the compositional directive.

Weasel Walter (percussion) is a composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and improviser who has collaborated with artists like Evan Parker, Marshall Allen, Peter Evans, Mary Halvorson, Henry Kaiser, Frank Gratkowski and Jim O’Rourke.
From Rhône-Alpes in France comes Sheik Anorak (guitars) who is a free-jazzrock guitarist. He also plays in SoCRaTeS and Kandinsky, both projects on his label Gaffer Records.

George Chen and Steve Santa Maria are a duo from Oakland California who utilizes a mix of samples, drum machines, guitars and effects to hone their varied outputs.

Vanilla Riot creates a boundless sound pallet using the nature of electro-acoustic sound transformations and manipulations. A journey through dispersed noise, industrial landscapes, turbulent outbursts and scattered explosions.

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Silkscreened poster by Johann - Le Club Suburbia