Le Club Suburbia

Little Claw + Laser Poodle + Apneu

Le Club Suburbia @ OCCii

26 Mar 2010


Little Claw:
"But what do they sound like anyway? They sounded like the greatest godammned fucking band on the planet the time we saw 'em. Two minimalist drummers, a guitar dude with a nice underhook rhythm rip and a girl with a badass no wave slather tongue tearing hell out of her slide guitar given half the chance. And not all hellbent rage either--some nice licorice melt drizzle crud groove too. Fuckin' awesome." Thurston Moore / Sonic Youth

Laser Poodle:
Laser Poodle are two free dudes. Johann and Jonathan, from Amsterdam. Two guys with lots of electronic stuff. Shapeshifting mammals!


Silkscreened poster by Johann - Silkscreened poster by Johann Le Club Suburbia