Silvester Anfang + Hellvete + Köhn

Le Club Suburbia @ SMART Project Space

7 May 2010

SILVESTER ANFANG is the Belgian Funeral Folk collective gathered in a free folk droneband. The line-up depends on who's available to record/perform. The compositions are mostly non-musical offertories to worship their almighty overlord Brohll, but every now and then things work out as free psychedelic improvisations. The country side of East-Flanders, where the band has its recording space, is essential for the atmosphere they want to create in their music. Near the canals where Canadian soldiers once fought the Germans, there lies a sort of mystical feeling of returned calmness. Silvester Anfang also breaths that tension between quietness and restlessness

Started the KÖHN project around 1997 and released three full albums on the KRAAK label. Right from the start Köhn wasn't happy with only providing the hip electronica world only an exploration of sounds, but decided to combine these sources to deliver a kind of pop from another angle. You'll bump into pure electronica, pop melodies, ambient pieces and musique concrete. His soundpalet is music history uptill now. Still: he did find his own signature. Köhn also provides soundtracks to short movies and animations, produced music for dance performances/theatre plays and commercials. In between all this he tours the world (with or without visuals from hendrik Dacquin) setting fire to most stages and plays in de Portables. Besides all this he also releases albums as Jurgen Deblonde on Tomlab to break in completely into pop-territory. But 2003 is the year that both projects coming together more and more. Other Projects: Jurgen Deblonde, Ed Nolbed, Frambooz, de Portables, Burda Moden.

HELVETTE is one of the three members who founded the Flemish Funeral Folk collective and a key figure of the satanadelic combo Silvester Anfang. Similar to the mothership, his solo work spans from folk-inspired guitar drones to minimalist keyboard esoterica. The significant difference is that his solo songs are more composed and less improvised. Influences such as Stephen R. Smith and Manuel Göttsching result in abstract sound narrations, that might just as well make one think of medieval folk or Rock In Opposition. The Rochefort 10 of the new Belgian guitar folk tradition.

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