Impakt Event: Doug Fishbone

24 Nov 2009

Doug Fishbone, a London-based New Yorker, has recently gained quite a reputation within the international arts community. His contribution to hot topics in society? Humour. One of his sculptures is a tiny toy-like machine which he reconstructed to crack dirty jokes. During a 2004 performance, he piled up 30,000 bananas in Trafalgar square. Throughout his oeuvre which contains videos, installations and performances, he adapts textual strategies from a variety of characters. These range from pseudo-psychiatrists to bad stand-up comedians, and from self-help tapes to Mafiosi. With Fishbone’s indisputable hilarious monologues, he reflects on currents in social, cultural and political life.

Fishbone often deliberately puts the audience in a slightly uncomfortable position in both his video works and performances.

In these performances, he utilizes PowerPoint slide shows which are abundant of images from Google Image Search. In his universe, this search engine is the ultimate input for surprising fictional and non-fictional narratives on life itself. For this Impakt Event he will do an exclusive performance, which takes a satirical look at contemporary Western society by comparing it to an idealized version of life in the Amazon.


Doug Fishbone - Impakt