Anonymous Art Vs Pia Fernandez

Allegories from the past become stylized icons of the present.

2 Sep 2011
4 Nov 2011

Visual imaginary and folk-belief, this is the backdrop for the exhibition “Anonymous Art Vs Pia Fernandez”, from September the 2nd to November the 4th at Cell63 Artgallery.
Their art has a match point in the contemporary revision of ancient myths and figures handed down by oral and written traditions. Although presented in different terms and through different techniques, this myths and figures re-emerge in a common memory, staying beyond every geographical boundary.


Pia Fernandez Vs Anonymous art - Pia Fernandez La ninia Y los lobos Digital print on paper 2010/Anonymous Art FIN oil on canvas 2011

Anonymous Art: The copious repertoire of the collective imagination is the protagonist of Anonymous Art’s work: from popular stories to fairy-tales characters of the oral tradition, passing through cartoons ending with "That's all folks!" and esoteric symbols. Overlapped and revisited elements, playing with relevance and affinity, sometimes dissonant, find through contrasts a new interpretation, a trait d'union. They are "Rebus" full of inner meanings and hard to decode, on apparently neutral backgrounds, highly intrusive with their contrasting tones,
without coordinates of time and place. In this new dimension these mysterious figures weave a story through an apparent lack of logical continuity, playing with a sort of figurativ- "alliteration" and -"oxymoron".
Pia Fernandez: Pia Fernandez with her series "Mythos und Ungeheuer" – developed in 2010/2011 - ventures into a contemporary reinterpretation of ancient myths and monsters that inhabit the forest of nightmares of every child. These figures emerge from the shadows between sleep and somnambulism, with solid colors and flat backgrounds, sometimes sweet sometimes creepy: dreaming children and animals, like guardians of the forest’s secrets. Spied from a safe place, they are portrayed in the calm before the action, caught in repose. They remember us the fascinating and frightening tales of a granny as well as the stories told by an unknown elderly, who convey us the very essence of the myth and its inherent symbolism. Thus we find the unicorn and its guardians, the Moirae who weave the destiny of mankind. As under the spotlight of a show that is about to begin, the characters of this contemporary fairy tale take shape and break the surface. The viewer, from his safe haven, sees them emerging - he can almost catch them. Light is a cardinal element in Pia Fernandez´s installations, thanks to the precious help of Asier Solana. The attention is focused on the details, which return as an emerging perspective effect. The decorative element plays also a decisive role, with references to the subtle art deco posters from elegant Parisian theaters. This is the plug of a frame that comes alive through the light.