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Workshop Interactive Storytelling

10 | 11 | 12 March 2005

10 Mar 2005
12 Mar 2005

A workshop about storytelling with interactive media. In three consecutive days with as their respective themes the story, the user and the author, participants develop concepts for interactive stories on CDrom, DVD, internet, radio, television and in the theatre.

In interactive environments stories develop in ways different from linear situations: the user plays an active role. But which strings could (and should )be pulled by the author? What interesting positions might be offered to the user in connection with the story? How to integrate the users’ actions significantly into an interactive story?

In this workshop the participants will build a small interactive story using the Korsakow System, a simple but powerful engine that allows authors to make rich interactive stories using film, sound, video, photo’s text or any combination thereof. The Korsakow System quickly provides makers with an interesting level of practical experimentation in interactive storytelling.


The workshop will take up three consecutive days. Every day starts off with a lecture to be followed by a discussion of the views presented. On the first day the user interface of the Korsakow System will be explained. Each afternoon the participants will build their interactive stories under supervision of experienced technical coaches. Each day will end with a compact overview of the issues that arise from the projects that the participants are working on.

When, where and how much

The workshop will take place on March 10 till 12, every day from 10.00 till 16.00. Workshop location is Mediamatic, Post CS building, 5th floor, Oosterdokskade 5 Amsterdam, phone: +31 20 638 9901. Total costs for participation are 450 euro, including lunches, equipment and technical assistance.

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