DJ Elephant Power and Scratch Pet Land

STEIM event

29 Sep 2005
  • 20:00 -23:00
  • Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam

With the Fan Club Orchestra, Scratch Pet Land, Sun o.k. Papi, Niko Uske, Ali Durt Morimoto and Quentin Hanon.

The Fan Club Orchestra is a side project of Scratch Pet Land with sometimes more than 10 people involved. They play percussion, guitar, harmonica, gameboys, mouth organs, trombone, turntables and lots of other instruments and devices. Everything depends on the energy of the group and their ability to improvise together. Laurent Baudoux gives the directions on an overhead projector . He makes drawings, gives the BPM, he introduces musical themes and he manipulates the mixing board that gets all the sounds of all the musicians.

Sun o.k. Papi tempo is a solo project of Laurent Baudoux. Breakcore, dub, garage house in a very unique and unexplicable mix. Think of the boredoms doing a dance set in an underwater dancehall club.

The multi-instrumentalist Niko Uské has founded his own Uské Orchestra. A recent CD of the group was described by Eugene Chadbourne as “one of the most inspired recordings of large-group music involving factors such as avant-garde jazz, ethnic music, and electronics in years