Something to do with Staples

Call for entries by is announcing a new project called ‘something to do with staples’, it’s simple, fun and has to do with staples (yes, those things you use to hold together paper or other stuff ). For this project we try to collect as many staples-related art works as possible to make an interesting, creative publication out of these. Therefore we’re searching for your best ideas about, with, containing or using staples.


Something to do with Staples - Image taken from

Contributing is easy: just send us the work that you think is suitable. It can be two- or three dimensional and in any art form: photography, clothes, drawing, painting, architecture, products, packaging, jewellery, sculptures, performances, concepts, poems, movieclips, collages, foodart, textbased art, textiles or whatever you can think of.

Your contribution can consist of digital pictures of your artwork, texts or anything suitable for publication in print or on DVD. Please do not send in your original artwork as we can not send these back!

‘Something with Staples’ will also be the title of the bilingual (English – Dutch) publication we will be releasing independently in the summer of 2010*. The publication will be partly full color and partly black and white.

  • hopefully together with an exhibition in The Netherlands.


Send us an e-mail ( before March 10th for being part of our publication (bilingual: English & Dutch). Don’t forget to send in the form which can be downloaded from the website, when sending in your art work!

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a free book, but you will get a discount.

Deadline for submission: March 10, 2010.
Release of the publication: Summer 2010

A confirmation of receipt and the result of the selection will be sent out by email.

For more information visit