Technical Solutions for Art Installations

Kees Reedijk, participant at the workshop Triggered by RFID 2005

My name is Kees Reedijk, I'm an electronics engineer and currently working at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. I'm working as a technical advisor for video/audio projects as well as projects involving electronics, interactivity, mechanical installations etcetera.

I have participated because I am interested in technical solutions for art installations, RFID can be a very interesting solution for all kinds of installations. Currently I am working with an artist that is interested in following people in a space and being able to differentiate between them, and measure interaction between them, like attraction/repulsion. The output of the system is a computer generated video projection, influenced by the people in the room.

I also very much enjoy meeting people that work in the same field, to exchange ideas and for inspiration.
The workshop was really inspiring, also for the presentations about the social and political aspects of the technology. I learned about new sorts of interfacing software that I did not know about like 'processing'. The lectures from Daniel van Gils and Matthew Karau were also very good, really worthwhile practical approach. Also good to know about the technical limitations.

To have examples of art projects like the Soundtracker is very instructive, to think about technical limitations and possibilities. Overall very good. I was hoping to have more time for delving into software like 'processing' or 'max/msp' but I realize that this is not what this workshop is about.