Wearable Touch-tags

Joost Broersen, participant at the workshop Triggered by RFID 2005


Joost Broersen - Participant at the workshop Triggered by RFID 2005

My name is Joost Broersen. I am Student Interaction Design (Utrecht School of Arts - faculty Art, Media & Technology)

I have participated because:

  • Hoping to hear about the use of RFID in tangible interfaces I was not yet familiar with / informed on
  • Trying to find answers on what the exact possibilities and limitations of RFID are.
  • Meeting other people who also interested in ways of using RFID outside of its intended use and learn about their experiences and projects.

In this workshop I want to apply "touch-tags" (tags operating only when pressed upon thus connecting the antenna to the tag) for use in:

  • a customizable tangible interface wherein users define functions to the tags and apply those tags in a way and location in order to control/access their environment/information

In total the workshop gave me a good and rich experience. There was enough diversity in the speakers' content as well as in the background of the workshop's participants. Because of this diversity many different topics related to RFID were discussed and made clear to the participants.

The organization was good:

  • enough information was provided through the website before the workshop started
  • all was arranged as I suppose it should be in a workshop
  • mailinglist and all the workshop's content was provided afterwards