Metaphor, Association, Tangible Interfaces and Poetry

Axel Vogelsang, participant at the workshop Triggered by RFID 2005

My name is Axel Vogelsang. I?m PhD candidate at both, Central Saint Martins College, London and the Smartlab London.
I do research on interactive narrative with emphasis on metaphor, association, tangible interfaces and poetry.

I'm planning a specific project which uses RFID tags. That is why I?ve participated at the workshop.

My project uses a book as an interface for triggering movies on a screen.
Each turn of a page triggers a new sequence. RFID seems a convincing
solution to this interface.

Content, organizations and speakers were very good. I would have preferred it to be a bit longer with more hands-on training. I know this is difficult as there were big differences in regards to skills. But maybe there could be two groups: people with programming experience and those with no experience. The ones with no experience could maybe go through a few very easy first step tutorials rather than having somebody doing the programming for them.