Reader for European Public Space

Interesting articles and links for the workshop in Helsinki

To prepare for the workshop " European Public Space" for young journalists of quality newspapers from all over Europe, this reader is composed. Interesting articles are classified by the three main themes of the workshop. Narratives, European public sphere and trust.

The workshop process is framed by the questions: How can quality journalism contribute to the development of European public space for debate? What is the role and responsibility of journalists towards Europe, given the currently available means? What and where is Europe? With these questions and the three main themes, we composed this reader. With this reader we want to give you a pre-view on the possible themes and discussions that could come across in the workshop.


Journalism online: the search for narrative form in a multilinear world

By: Sybil Nolan

Multilinearity is one of the possible narrative elements represented by the computer. Journalism can use interactive storytelling for online practice and apply it to the internet. Computer games are one of the possibilities to apply journalism to the world wide web and representing interactive stories. But are games an appropriate model for journalism? In this text, the development of immersive news technologies is examined.

News as Aristotelian Drama: The Case of 60 Minutes

By: Maria Elizabeth Grabe

“This study systematically examined 60 Minutes for instigating drama through visual and narrative content as well as packaging techniques. News sources and reporters were also scrutinized for their role in highlighting dramatic dimensions in news. This content analysis of a 6-month census, reveals that the program employs visual and narrative techniques, features, news sources and reporters in ways consistent with Aristotle's prescriptions for drama and credible communication.