ANMI summerschool goes for the AIBO robodog.

25 Aug 2005

A robotic retrospect, with Luc Steels (University of Brussels) explaining robotic learning processes and communication, Leonel Moura (Lisbon) giving a lecture on creative robots, and Intelligent Autonomous Systems giving a lengthy presentation on the Sony AIBO.

The afternoon program will be moderated by Petran Kockelkoren. Participation costs are 150 euros, and you can sign up on the anmi website.

Should you not want to fork over the cash to see a 10 year old robot that sometimes also hangs out in your local MediaMarkt, you could also just come to the free evening presentation held in 11. The evening program starts at 20:00, and features Leonel Moura and the Intelligent Autonomous Systems.
reservation: desk *