The Green Monster in Beirut

The Amsterdam Show!

12 Mar 2010

You are kindly invited to attend the film projection and debate of The Green Monster – The Amsterdam Show!, a project by artist Marta Pisco. The screening takes place on Friday March 12, 20.00 hrs at KijkRuimte, Van der Pekstraat 34 in Amsterdam North. At Kijkruimte Pisco will be recreating a video installation done last October in Lebanon, when she participated at the Beirut's Street Festival.


The Green Monster in Beirut - Image taken from

In October 2009, Marta Pisco went to Beirut to do her street performance. A Western Woman and then a Green Monster walked the streets of different areas in Beirut. Pisco’s main focus in this project is underlining that what we people (and monsters!) have in common is far more and far more important than what divides us.

KijkRuimte is a cultural research platform in Amsterdam North. It is a house situated in the middle of a residential area where different artists and researchers live and work over a project period of two years. KijkRuimte is open to the public and serves as a meeting point for the different cultural and social communities in Amsterdam North. KijkRuimte is a Migratory Blue Point project by Daniela Paes Leão in collaboration with Tabitha Kane and Merel Willemsen.

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