Gameboymusic workshop + concerts Bergen Norway

3 days of events revolving around art and music produced with gameconsoles

18 Mar 2010
21 Mar 2010

3 day event with workshops in Nanoloop & Lsdj: Create music with a Gameboy. Screening of the documentairy "8 Bit the Movie", 8 bit music concerts with Atari-s & Gameboys, DJs, VJs & Installations.


8 Bit the Movie -

These events take place at the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art & Landmark Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway

Thursday 18 mars: Nanoloop
kl. 18:00 - 22:00 BEK
by Haeyoung Kim (New York, USA)
Nanoloop is a soundaplication for the Gameboy, allowing the user to create sequences that can be played on
the device. Stored on a normal game cartridge, Nanoloop allows to produce nice electronic music without further hard-
ware, using headphones or an external amplifier as sound output.

Friday 19 mars: LittleSoundDJ
kl. 18:00 - 22:00 BEK
by Chris Burke (New York, USA)
Little Sound Disk Jockey, is a soundapplication for the Game Boy that enables the user to sequence and program music on a Game Boy
The sequencer of LSDJ has a very open structure. It was designed to leave all the musical possibilities of the Game Boy in the hands of the user.


KL.20:00: 8 BIT The Movie
8 BIT THE MOVIE is a feature-length documentary exploring the history of artists and video games. Interviews with cutting-edge artists and theorists, wild videogame concerts, and highlights from the best digital artwork being made today.

Fra kl. 22:00 Concerts
Glomag emerged from the NYC chip music scene around the dawn of the 21st century, writing music on Game Boys and performing local shows. His latest album DaMaGe got released on the NYC based label 8-bit peoples.
His work can also be heard on 8 Bit Operators on Astralwerks Records as well as various compilations.

Bubblyfish (USA)
Based in NYC, Bubblyfish works as a composer, sound designer and audio engineer. She explores the territory of sounds in electronic music. She has been creating 8-bit and experimental sound works using Nanoloop and released music on Retinascan and contributed to the 8 Bit Operators Album.

gwEm is the artist name, handle and nickname of London based musician and chipmusic freak Gareth Morris, who uses classic Atari STs to create and mix Chipmusic using his Homebrew DJ software STJ.
GwEm released music on ShitKatapult, Preromanbritain, Micromusic and is part of the ATari Music group YMRockerz.

VJ Hagenisse(NO) 8Bit VJ
Thomas Sivertsen aka VJ Hagenisse will create an 8bit vj mix
for this evening using penquins, colors and brainpower.

Tombraider 0.1 Installation
Tombraider 0.1 is a single-player game installation based on the famous 3d game Tombraider, starring the female fightingmachine Lara Croft. In Tombraider 0.1 users play a primitive 2d version of this computergame, where all graphics & audio resemble the simplicity of the very first gameconsoles, including references to classic computer gaming experiences such as the stuck "loading" screen, bad language translations and space-invader attacks.