Salon on Nature and Incapability

an Eco Friendly salon

15 Nov 2005

With presentations by Theo Jansen, creator of Strandbeesten, and by Zeljko Blace, a short film by Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters and a performance by Mike Ottink.


Strandbeesten, Theo Jansen - Mediamatic Salon, November 2005 photo by Paul Geurts

We love nature

Theo Jansen has been making NATURE for 10 years. Not pollen or seeds, but PLASTIC yellow tubes are the basis for his ANIMALS that can walk and swim,

Zeljko Blace (Croatia) presented agoraXchange, the online community where you can help build and discuss a POLITICAL multi-player game that questions the JUSTICE of our current political SYSTEM.

Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters showed Sally, one out of eleven short movies for the series 'Grote Kunst voor Kleine Mensen'.

And as a finale a visual EXPLOSION by Mike Ottink. About woman's sexual DETACHMENT and the man's INCAPABILITY.