Spatial Slide Salon

October Salon

10 Oct 2005

This salon had presentations on 2 projects by FreshDeuce, Steven Jouwersma's strange collection of slides, a report on a journey by train from Moskou to Beijing by Bert de Muynck and interactive clothing by Melissa Coleman and Nadya Peek.


FreshDeuce, Remco Wendt and Daan Archer - Mediamatis Salon , October 2005, photo by Paul Geurts for Mediamatic

The Programme

FreshDeuce is a collective that produces innovative technological projects. During the Salon the entrepeneurs Remco Wendt and Daan Archer presented two examples: VIDEOMOSAIC, which can show faces as a moving mosaic image, and CARDIAC, which researches the possibilities of synchronizing the HEARTBEAT of a group of museum visitors.

Bert de Muynk travelled with the Trans-Siberia Express from MOSKOU to BEIJING. Together with 49 other artists, POLITICAL activists and contemporary thinkers he discussed the relation between the war on TERROR and economics and media art. A short report.

Melissa Coleman and Nadya Peek demonstrated ..UNDER MY SKIN, a project in which the spatial perception of the user is translated in to tactile feedback in the from of vibrations from MOBILE PHONE MOTORS. Equipped with pink satin sacs which are tied to the body with yards of ribbon, they will demonstrate how TACTILE communication works at best.

Steven Jouwersma collects SLIDES that people do not want to have anymore. He even bakes cakes for complete strangers for slides. To his own surprise he soon collected more than 20 000. Jouwersma especially likes the TRANSACTION between the slide owner and himself.