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12 Sep 2006

Featuring Kisky Netmedia, fashion designer Dan Gonen, this year's Ars Electronica prize winner Mateusz Herczka and Tilda Swinton at the Venice Biennale.


Treasure my text, Kisky Net Media - Mediamatic Salon, September 2005

The Programme

Creative Technologists Kisky Netmedia develop web and mobile systems in which the audience is the artist; the user is the content contributor. Kisky’s KATIE LIPS and TIAN COCKER discussed two of their recent projects; and is an experiment exploiting the motion of the iPod click wheel. It puts flip book style animations onto the iPod and is a growing resource for animators and artists. is above all a service for texters who use it to store their SMS messages online. It is also a project in which thousands of users are contributing their deepest, personal and private messages into a public space. What do people really send, and why do they want to keep this stuff forever?

MATEUSZ HERCZKA presented his latest project 44\13, a time-space analysis of a commuter train trip projected as 12 meters of moving image.

Keywords: aesthetisation of scientific tools, taxonomy and simple technical parameters appropriated as structure and conceptual frameworks, new possibilities of time perception, scientific visualization of common reality.

The prints on DAN GONEN's clothing are the most noticeable element of his collection BODY LANGUAGE.
Printing on textile is the same to me as standing before an empty canvas you can fill with whatever you like. You can tell a story with it.
During the salon he presented his new website and some of this collection.

For those who have not yet been able to travel to the Venice Biennial, or those seeking a retrospect, a small Mediamatic delegation consisting of Paul Groot (interviews) and Inge Willem and Ali Haselhoef (camera) traveled the opening and researched the current STATE-OF-AFFAIRS in the art world. With Honore d'O, Saskia Bos, Mark Raidpere and Jarman-star and Hollywood-diva TILDA SWINTON.

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