Mobtagging at 11

Mediamatic Salon

9 May 2005

Mediamatic salon about tags and communities. Presentations on the FlickrAutoBrowser, the film Celebration, on the Future News Networks Station, on nude photo sharing on and the opening of Playing Flickr on 11.


Mobtagging at club 11 - Mediamatic Salon, May 2005, photo by Bea Correa

Jan van den Berg and Willemiek Kluijfhout

Go inside immediately, close all doors and windows and turn the radio on... The Future News Networks station call is broadcast at noon on every first monday of the month, when the siren is tested. FNN is a project by Jan van den Berg and Willemiek Kluijfhout. The monthly siren is the starting point for their series of radio documentaries, which deals with possible disasters in the Netherlands.

Quirine Racké and Helena Muskens

made a film about Celebration, the Florida town built by Disney. This was a logical step in their work, given the artists' great interest in social behaviour and communities. Their earlier work includes the beautiful film The Tower, about an aristocratic hippy family, and Zwart/Black, set in a very conservative elementary school. Excerpts from all three films were featured in their presentation.

Rogerio Lira

Old-school Flickr user Rogerio Lira took a critical look at late-night photo sharing: that scary phenomenon of nude self-portraits finding their way around the Web.

Simon Groenewolt

presented his FlickrAutoBrowser, a browser that automatically browses the collection of online photos available on Flickr.
Every step consists of randomly selecting one photo to explore further, removing the other three photographs and replacing them by ones related to the selected one. These related photos are found using 3 strong organizational elements on the Flickr website: streams, tags and groups. Every few seconds this action is repeated, automatically browsing a narration through the Flickr database.

The FlickrAutoBrowser was made to show the amount of information that is linked to each photograph uploaded to It attempts to show how besides just being a photograph in a database, each images relates to a person, to tags and to other images, which are cross related to other people, tags and images, and how this information therefore branches recurrently.

Playing FLICKR op 11

Music was provided by KaBi and NaPee