War Salon

1 theme, 5 presentations

20 Apr 2006

The presentations during this salon, war oriented due to the exhibition Le Mépris, (or Contempt) named after the film by Jean-Luc Godard, included two works by L.A. Raeven, an analysis of both Battlefield 2 and the game America's Army, Loud & ClearTOO films and finally a less macabre karaoke show with Brigitte Bardot songs.


Love-Hate, L.A. Raeven - Mediamatic Salon, april 2006 photo by Bea Correa

In this Mediamatic Salon there were presentations of several artistic videos and commercial computer games that have war and the American army as their subject.

L.A. Raeven are sucked into the LOVE-HATE relationship of twins and the vicious circle in which they are CAUGHT. They showed this by means of their newest work, Thin Line and Love knows many faces.

Scientist David B. Nieborg researched the disturbing war simulations of the game America's Army and delivered a detailed report.

One of the artists in (the) Le Mépris (exhibition) was Sietske Tjallingii. She talked about her video film in which she ridicules american PATRIOTISM and PURSUIT OF POWER.

Jonas Hielscher played and analyzed Battlefield 2, the online multiplayer game in which you can CHOOSE SIDES for the United States, China or the Middle-East Coalition.

And finally, heads turned to BRIGITTE BARDOT, one of the best political bodies ever in a KARAOKE performance.