Radio Salon

An evening on radio and internet

15 Feb 2007

This night's programme was:
Explaining Wifio, bSites and the Girlfriend Experience, the presentation of the Radio-to-Go workshop results and a live avatar/callers mix by Nathalie Bruijs en Sasker Scheerder.


Wifio Radio - Illustration Lotte Meijer



Lotte Meijer presented Wifio, a hardware device which allows users to 'tune' through the electromagnetic spectrum 'listening' to internet traffic. Wifio is related to a police scanner or wireless 'sniffer' technology. It scans the airwaves looking for information, and present the information back to the user, in sound.


Sander Leemans and Selby Gildenmacher thought up bSites. bSites is a meta search engine which collects all the possible information that is created on your computer whenever you listen to music via iTunes or WinAmp. bSites then orders this information for you.


Klaas Kuitenbrouwer presented the final results of the Radio-to-Go workshop which Mediamatic organized on the 14th and 15th of February.

Live Radio

Finally Nathalie Bruijs and Sasker Scheerder made a live radio mix of the audio traces left by the callers and avatars of the Girlfriend Experience.