Professional Representation

Beauty Parlour #08

6 Mar 2008

During this evening two very different presentations on the topic of professional self representation were given as part of the Mediamatic Beauty Parlour events.

First up were Elsa, Rustan and Stefan who presented their project: Gift service.

Then it was up to Chris Juta, who introduced the system of Symfoia, a professional way for people and organizations to work on their self representation.


Online Identity Giftservice: Elsa, Rustan and Stefan -



Professional Self Representation -

Chris Juta's work at Symfoia:

Symfoia provides professional advice to businesses.
When looking at professional self-representation, the theory of Symfoia reflects the need for research on a deeper level.
In self representation, Identity and Image do not always align, but depend on communication, behavior and symbols.

The roles that go with the representations of the selves uses psychosocial diagnostic to complete every goal a person or organization might have. Symfoia measures "softskills": aspects of attitude, behavior, thinking and feeling, that you don't see on someone immediately, but which you can instinctively feel.

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Elsa, Rustan and Stefan's Gift Service:

Everyone intends to deliberately expose themselves to the whole world via the internet. Else Rustin and Stefan found it quite useful for people to be aware of this fact. Therefore, they had come up with the idea of a gift service that transferred anyone's online identity onto a real life object, such as mugs, buttons, etc...

If you give Elsa, Rustan and Stefan the name of the person to whom you want to offer a gift, they collect and edit all the online information they are able to find about this person.