5th Round

Giromaniac iCycle appetizers

6 Apr 2010

The 5th Round showed the fruits of hard work at different fronts. The HvA students' final iPhone app presentations
were greeted with lots of enthusiasm and even a prize. Babs Baden filled our diaries with attractive Giromania! events and Saskia Haex gave the Rounds attendants what they deserved: an update on our Sur Place progress.


The Grand Jury - Bas van den Broeke

A few months ago, HvA students received the task to develop a prototype of an iPhone application related to our Sur Place exhibition. The aim of the app should be to inform people and make them enthusiastic about the fixed gear bike and the (sub)culture surrounding it. After a first internal presentation, the students now revealed their final product to a larger audience of bike geeks and rough riders - not an easy crowd to please!



All reason to be pleased with themselves though, when the improvised but competent jury (Saskia Haex, Babs Baden, Kees vernooij and Willem Velthoven) praised them for their efforts and results. Although none of the apps directly referred to Sur Place, they all succeeded in their aim to provide bike fun and info that could be shared with friends. Team 5Tone's app received the prize for enabling this noble aim in real life.

We were up next. It was our turn to show proof of our work... Saskia gave a round-up of our plans and actions so far, all of which are documented on this site. Check our exhibition plan for a full overview.


Babs Baden presenting Giromania! - Babs talks about the events Giromania is supporting Bas van den Broeke

Babs Baden’s presentation of the Giromania! Amsterdam events nicely framed the Sur Place exhibition. As Topstad’s side events manager, she braved Italian (and Dutch) temperaments to piece together a program with freak rides, kiss miss elections, pasta della mama, lyrical cyclists, cyclical exhibits and lots of bike fun. The Giromania! brand has a strong presence and even tickled the interest of the Italian Giro organization. Check out the program here.


Bike geeks and rough riders - Bas van den Broeke