6th Round

Dutch Bike Brand History, Alleycat tags and Sur Place exhibition design

20 Apr 2010

Before Sur Place makes its own mark on Dutch bike history, we were provided with the necessary knowledge of our predecessors by Otto Beaujon, collector and chairman of the historic 'Old Bike Club' (Historische Vereniging De Oude Fiets). Our colleague Evelyn Rodríguez talked about the fun of using ikTags in the 24 hour race and DUS architects presented the final design for their FLOW track.


Simplex 1901 with selfmade cog (kamraden). (advertisement ANWB Kampioen 1901) - Copyright: Historische Vereniging De Oude Fiets Sarah Birgitte Berckenkamp

24 hour race and ikTag alleycat

One of the most fun events of our program will be an ikTag alleycat. It will be made available to ride for three months, and an online record of all results will ensure healthy competition.
 Evelyn Rodriguez and Sara Kolster are working hard at Mediamatic to provide the necessary RFID technology. Having been a check point as well as a girly girl alleycat racer herself, Evelyn is definitely the right person to work on this project. The most stylish one, too: of all the bike jersey combis we saw during the rounds, Evelyn’s jersey-turned-dress was by far the most elegant one!


Evelyn Rodriguez at the 6th round -

Come to our 24hour race next weekend to witness the first tryout of the system, and to support our courageous participants!


24 hour race - flyer via dutchmessengers.org

History of Dutch bicycle brands

Otto Beaujon is a biologist and lifelong collector of bicycles. The last ten years of his career he spent traveling the world for an international bicycle magazine. The efficiency and size of Asian bike manufacturers left him very impressed, but he can conjure up just as much enthusiasm for the small-scale bike manufacturers of his home country. Head badge by head badge, he scrolled through the long list of Dutch bike brands without boring us one minute: Otto’s encyclopedic mind proved to be as full of peculiar anecdotes as his house must be of wonderful bikes and head badges. We are glad to have his knowledge on board, and are thrilled to welcome his bikes and badges in our show! Check out the Old Bike Club website here.


Head badges - An extract from the collection of Otto Beaujon. Head badges are bike brand logos attached to the front tubes of bicycles. At Sur Place, we exhibit a selection from Amsterdam bike manufacturers. A Dutch bike brand teams up with a Dutch graphic design icon. Locomotief produced bikes from 1929 to 1968. From the collection of Otto Beaujon.

DUS Architects

Finally, DUS gave as an update on the FLOW, which will be built next week. It has been lowered a little and refitted in the space. The track will be friendly to all bikes, cargo bikes included!