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Cycling back


Stalen Ros 2010 - more info on

We already revealed some of the fixed bike’s history on our general info page, along with one of the first videos ever featuring the first recorded bike trick ever. Quite a must-see, that is. Here are some more vintage oddities to marvel at:

A czech collection of strange custom bikes via Youtube .

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Killing time is also fun on the British Pathe website, which houses tons of antique videos among which many about cycling. To give you a foretaste: "Cycle polo - A la Francais. Not quite so fast and furious as real Polo - but when you haven't got a horse a bicycle must do!".

If these have awakened your nostalgic side, you might consider travelling to Neerkant this Sunday for the third edition of the classic cycling show Stalen Ros. An exhibition shows the finest in Dutch cycling history with bikes by RIH, Jabo, Joco, Eroba, de Mol, Locomotief, etc. Numerous stalls will sell rare bicycle parts. All this for only 2 euros - check it out at