Annabel Lange

Projects past I worked on encompass
all feelings that the subject "home" attracts.
I curiously pursue that theme, -but as
I do I´d go away from homely tracks.

Not-to-be-home, to pass a threshold, pass
a door, duplicate keys become my voodoo
to grow an installation fruit which has
anew some golem-matter by my studio.

Maybe with gathered objects found on site
maybe with words of locals in their houses
maybe with field-recordings, just a bite
a collage then that hence arrouses
around persistent questions of the kind
if in ´sweet home` you orientation find.

Exeggeration though is not intended
and simply time sometime I use, material
of documentary, narration, mended
to sound and language ephemeral.

I wish I could account for more concretly
than well-behavèd verse, clichés of art
conceptualists, incredulous, completely
stand as the tribe in which to be a part
I beg, -but not so rotten is my heart
transience my armour and proud my arty-fart.

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