Dæmian Garett

Being Here

the real killer app

Every day, I think about consciousness – those thoughts interact with thoughts about new media – which connect to curiosities about what ‘being human’ actually is: Maybe humanity is the ‘content’ while consciousness is the ‘medium’? Is that simplistic? Maybe, human consciousness, like a piece of software, is essentially a technological thing, rather than absolute reality (as humans have tended to assume)? How is this technē of the human condition imagined, constructed, narrated? For example, how does interacting on the social web help us become aware of the power of our attention structures and conscious states? Moreover, can new media help us become curious about the Beingness intrinsic to ‘being human’? I wonder whether others are starting to experience their psychology, perception and thinking as the real killer apps. – Are you?

All of this, for me, is the most thrilling way to enjoy our peculiar world. (Somehow we’re all dreaming together – isn’t that wild?!) I also find myself listening to music, hiking aimlessly, talking to people, reading, writing stories, communicating with avatars, making web pages, viewing films and drawing doodles.

At the end of the day, however, nothing compares to grooving qua Being, pure and simple.