Francophonofielen special

les petites différences Marginales IV: moishe moishe moishele + cheveu + julie normal + gregaldur + dj's

17 Apr 2010
  • 21:00
  • Worm
  • Achterhaven 148, 3024 RC Rotterdam

Deze avond is alweer de 4e editie van de francophonofielen special in Worm. Frankrijk blijft continu verrassen met eigenwijze, geweldige popmuziek. Ergens vanuit de traditie van Jean-Jacques Perrey via Les Rita Mitsouko tot Dat Politics maar ook ver daarbuiten worden underground pop geluidswerelden in elkaar geknutseld waarin eigenheid en (boven)natuurlijke energie de boventoon voeren. Ditmaal op het programma: de aanstekelijke rock van CHEVEU, de kosher jew-acid house van MOISHE MOISHE MOISHELE, een Ondes Martenot experiment met JULIE NORMAL en nog veel meer.


Moishe Moishe Moishele - bron



This Parisian trio is the latest music project from Mehdi Shobo Hercberg, Odot Lamm (O.Lamm) and Vincent Tordjman. Located at the exact crossover point (admittedly, not a very crowded junction) between Hasidism and Acid House, Moishe Moishe Moishele is a high-energy Jewish supergroup, capable of racial-national self-caricature. Giving Kraftwerk and YMO a run for their money, their Live show is something to behold, walking the line between satire and celebration. MMM is the brainchild of ShoboShobo, a brilliant artist and illustrator, who among many other things, designed T-shirts for H&M.


The story of Cheveu starts around 2006 with a slew of poop hot releases, gigs and tours. Rounds of applause by critics and audiences followed. One of the highlights was the band performing at 2006's Gonerfest in Memphis, headlining the party with Jay Reatard and Jack Oblivian. In our humble opinion Cheveu is the coolest and most spirited French rock / weirdpunk band right now. Cheveu has been also dubbed the 'harbingers' of the current shitgaze/pop movement (think Tyvek, Pink reason, Times New Viking or TV ghost).


Following her studio residency in the WORM studio, Strasbourgian Julie Pierrejean will give an exclusive performance with the rare Ondes Martenot: one of the earliest electronic musical instruments made in France. It's eerie, wavering notes are produced by varying the frequency of oscillation in vacuum tubes. It has been mainly used by avant-garde composers such as Messiaen and Varèse but also makes appearances in many popular forms of music.


Gregaldur is a brilliant one man act from Cherbourg. His frantic but sugarsweet tunes sound as if played by 8 hands, But it really is just one guy with his guitar, voice and music toys, almost literally tap dancing on his guitar pedals and effects.


Last but certainly not least, our ultimate in-house dj Albanie will team up with Youri Margarine (one of the organisers from the Dokidoki collective) for a killer selection of francophone hits!