Watching the stars through your mobile

Some mobile apps can show you the positions of the stars. Does that work? A night with professional astronomers and astro-apps.


Document - Tijmen

Together with five professional astronomers we will look at the night sky.. on the little screens of our mobile phones. What can you do with these apps? Do they work?

Doors open

Robert Wielinga of the Sonnenoborgh observatory will tell us about stargazing with your mobile phone. He will start with a short insight into the way that we normally think of: with telescopes. We'll have 20 free 'starwheels' to hand out, followed by a look atthe mobile possibilities.

Time for a small drink, and anyone that wants to can install the apps on their phones.

We go outside, to the middle of the Neude, to look at the stars. We'll probably also have a small telescope available.

Mars, Saturnus and the moon should be visible (if it's not too cloudy).