This social network has captured me!

And it's doing what it wants.

Recently I have a feeling, that my once so nice social network is turning into a monster. New friends who ask for connections many times don't seem to be humans. The whole thing is growing in all directions, while it looses a nice feeling of community. The good news is: I will soon find a new tool, the creative engineers must be working on it already. They are here to see what's going on.


so many things - and almost all of them are ads Ania

It's not that I don't like my friends anymore. Although my real life social network is quite different than my online social network (not only in quantity), I quite enjoy being friends with those cybernetic humans. It becomes troublesome, when they turn into other creatures. My new friends are not people with names anymore. Not even dwarfs, Elmos, and Presleys. My new friends are institutions. Workshops. Agencies.

Many of these creatures (or things, as Mediamatic says) seem to suffer from split personality disorder (also known as multiple personality disorder, or dissociative identity disorder, or schizophrenia). I'm not a psychology expert, but that's what Wikipedia says about this issue, when someone doesn't know who they are (and how many). They (these things...) seem to know who they are when they advertise their things (or activities) to me, but they are not consistent about this. Sometimes they even step back and reveal the more real people (with names) whom they used to be. This is nice.

They are much more active than real people with names. But they are not consistent. As they grow, the mess that they make turns into a distraction, and nothing is new anymore. Nothing is real, and nothing is simple. They will not live forever, like dwarfs, Elmos and Presleys, because they have a job to do - and then they disappear (or they become inactive). Their ilusionary interactivity is only temporary. Their home (the social network where they appear) is not given to them for free.

The good news is, that something has to change. Why? because I am the user, and these creatures (who are not humans with names) are here to entertain me. Usually because they want to sell me something. When I am not entertained, but distracted, tired and angry, they will be worried! And here a new concept will emerge, from creative engineers, who will say: enough is enough.