uɐɯʞuǝɯ ɐsoɹ

Prototype Dev Camp - Day 3

Welcome to the Dev Camp blog!

The third day of every Camp always brings particular challenges.


the third day is always hard - smashing the keyboard, material choices, lost code, confusion, backchannel issues, to many things at once. No signal. uɐɯʞuǝɯ ɐsoɹ

Yesterday the 5 different projects were chosen and development has started. Because of 4 and 5 May are national holidays (or at least special days) shopping wont be possible during these days of development. This means that today its time to make shopping lists!
After that, everything will hover between installation and irritation, building and breaking, lumbering, sawing and so on....

The 5 projects will be:

1. Fixie bikes as input devices // Rails-fixie-Pong.¶
Team members: Mick, Imara, Casper, Redençio
Use the wheel, and possible the steer of a bike (or two), as an input device for the emulation of simple old school arcade games. The installation will use 2 beamers; one projecting down and the other one on the wall. The bikes on the rails can be used as input devices (joy sticks) for the paddles in a games like for instance Pong or Pacman.
Other ideas are: Co-op pong within a circular pattern (try to keep ball in circle with fixed bikes). This could also be a try to reinvent bike-polo.

2. BMiX ¶
Team members: Pedro, Thomas, Fabio, Saro
A BMX is used to make music and video. On the bike, you can change speed, loops, frame rate, camera angle, etc. changes loops. Generate music based on the way you are paddling. Might also trigger booby-traps on the tracks.

3. Paperboy ¶
Team members: Gilles, Arno, Steven
fill papers with rfid tags. On the race track or fixed. Bins with readers, papers with rfid. Stats. Might also include traveling salesman problem.

4. 4-player Simon Says ¶
Team members: Xander, Marc, Nurullah
Based on the Ik-a-sketch idea. Multiple player memory game. 4 buttons with center visual thingy that indicates which color sequence the player needs to press. A group of people can achieve a score.

5. GoldSprint¶
Team members: Arjan Scherpenisse and Erik Borra (on request of Willem Velthoven)
A Goldsprint is a bicycle rollers racing and social event. Riders on stationary bikes compete against each other in front of a crowd of cheering friends.