Barry McGee x RVCA x Cinelli

2008, Italy
Collection: Cinelli


Barry McGee x RVCA x Cinelli - Limited edition Cinelli Supercorsa with illustrations by famous street artist Barry McGee.

This edition is limited to only 50 sets, available in three sizes. It was designed by Barry McGee in collaboration with Cinelli for the 'Pressure' exhibition organized by RVCA, a lifestyle brand that wants to showcase the talents of unknown and famous artists.

Barry McGee is a street artist from San Francisco who inserts his signature tags and markings in the urban landscape. He is an excellent rider himself and has been riding a Cinelli Supercorsa from childhood.

See Mr McGee at work here:

Taken from Youtube * . See more of Barry's work By: Mayken Craenen

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A youtube film about the collaboration between Cinelli and RVCA with many different artist, including Barry McGee.

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