Alan Super Record

Collection: Kadir Guirey, London


Alan Super Record - 1980 - Loan: Kadir Guirey, UK Arden de Raaij, Andreas Conradi

With: ALAN Bikes

From the 1975 sales brochure:

The Alan Super Record Frame represents the latest development of the Alan aluminum alloy frame from Italy. This frame utilizes a unique patented construction system of threaded tubing and lugs joined with epoxy adhesive. Thus it is not brazed or welded.

The Super Record includes the following refinements:

1. The use of increased tubing wall thickness (2 mm) gives this frame much stiffer ride and more efficient transmission of power than the standard Alan Competition model.

2. The redesigned fork with larger, beefier blades, new crown and ergal stabilizer adds to front end stiffness and makes the handling extremely positive.

3. The improved seat cluster has an integral stay connector for extra strength and appearance.

4. The frame is detailed with bottle cage fittings, shift level bosses, bottom bracket cable guides and dynamic cutouts in the lugs and fork crown.

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