The Girlfriend Experience

Special performance at For God's Sake! festival in Slovenia

5 Dec 2008
6 Dec 2008

Martin Butler's The Girlfriend Experience was staged at For God's Sake! / Pixxelpoint festival in Slovenia. The Girlfriend Experience attracted worldwide attention when it was presented for the first time at Mediamatic in January 2007. This was a special presentation with 2 avatars.

Watch a Martin Butler interview in Slovenia about 'Izkusjna z mojim dekletom'.

Girlfriend Experience at Pixxelpoint from domen ozbot2 on Vimeo.

Girlfriend Experience avatar at Pixxelpoint - Ali Watson

The Girlfriend Experience is a multiplayer game allowing you to enter into a real-life person and use this person as an avatar. However, the available avatars are real people too, so in order to win their trust and have them perform special tasks, you first need to get to know them and find out what is possible. If you are rude they will probably cancel your playtime.

On you could choose one of the two avatars and play with them. Each avatar was equipped with a small wireless headset transmitter consisting of an eye view 135 degree mini camera, a microphone and earpiece. You could log in using Skype. For ten minutes you were given the personal eye view, voice and real body of one of the performers.

The Girlfriend Experience is a project by Martin Butler / The Liminal Institute and Mediamatic

Interview with Martin Butler in Slovenia from domen ozbot2 on Vimeo.

Thank you

This special presentation of the Girlfriend Experience during the Pixxelpoint festival was made possible by the Dutch Embassy in Slovenia.