Langenberg art cycling

Collection: KWV de Heidebloem


Langenberg- Glöckner 'art cycling' bicycle 1991 - Langenberg 'art cycling' bicycle, in use by KWV de Heidebloem , picture by KWV de Heidebloem . Arden de Raaij, Andreas Conradi

With: Langenberg

Art cycling

Bicycle performer Nicolas Edward Kaufman invented art cycling in 1888. Art cyclists are actually acrobats. While riding, they perform all kinds of figures and jumps. It is done in a sport hall, solo or in teams. The discipline is mostly practiced in Germany, this is why all the rules and regulations are in German.

Art cycling competitions

Before participating in a game the cyclist has to make a list with the figures he is going to do. This has to be finished as good as possible in a certain amount of time. A jury judges the execution of the figures and subtracts points from the 200 total the cyclist receives at the start.

Art cycling bicycles

An art cycling bike is really simple, no brakes, no lights, no mudguards or other unnecessary stuff. It has some special features though: a peculiar saddle and handlebars, and support pins attached to the wheels. The bike is single gear, which makes it possible to ride backwards. All the bike parts have to be really solid to resist the force that is used on them.