brian mckenna, Denton Fredrickson, Robyn Moody

Canadia: Land of Myths and Media

Radio Broadcast Cabin in the Woods

5 Mar 2008
9 Mar 2008

For 4 days long everyone was able to enjoy a live evolving audio collage consisting of interviews, commentary, music and fun.

The Audio-streaming was running all through the day and night with both live and pre-selected material. Plus between 4 and 8 pm everyone could add their voice to the transmission through interviews, discussions, and workshops.

This was a collaborative project and installation by Robyn Moody, Brian McKenna, Denton Fredrickson (Gallery Potemkin, The Phonies, etc...) and Kinga Kielczynska.


Canadia: Land of Myths and Media - drawing: Ruchama Noorda


Our public-opinion correspondent (and experienced trapper) had relayed live interviews with random participants from the streets of Amsterdam into the broadcast space.

Everyone was welcome to spend some time at our very own Polish-Canadian Cultural Centre. There were workshops, a film-screening, and an evening of performances.


Wednesday 5 March

from 16:00 Media Studies Workshop

Practical approaches to using media against cold and isolation. You could discover the many joys of producing Newspaper-Logs whilst listening to our broadcast of lectures, discussions, and music.

After 18:00

Jesse Birch: fellow Canuk and curatorial intern at de Appel, dropped in to share some favourite sound files, tell some stories, and have some fun.

Thursday 6 March

from 16:00 Shanty-Boy Workshop

During this workshop you were taught how to stay warm by chopping wood and appreciating whiskey. Moreover everyone learned the finer points swearing up a storm in Canadian English and Québecois Jouale-French.

20:00 Behold, The Metric System

A 16mm film screening dedicated to the weights & measures confusion of 1970s Canada.

Friday 7 March

Perogies for Everyone Party

From 20:30 'till late

Multiple birthdays and Kristina Petrasova's fine (decidedly Canadian) cuisine.

Music and performances by K.G. Guttman, Kinga Kielczynska, VHSUHF + Seamus Cater, Denton Fredrickson, and more...
D.J.'s André, Charlotte, and Kinga...

Saturday 8 March

From 16:00 Broadcasting dedicated to International Women's Day.

From 20:30 Advanced Drinking Games Workshop

Food, games, and liquor. You were able to test your skill and luck while learning all about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, alternative uses for money, and our unique Parliamentary structures for authority.

Sunday 9 March

16:00-20:00 Pancakes and Maple Syrup

As we wrapped up our broadcast, everyone was welcome to help us draw some conclusions about the state of Canadian National Identity in the world today over a tasty brunch.