Koga-Miyata Kimera

2008, Netherlands
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Koga-Miyata Kimera 2008 - Koga-Miyata Kimera, the infamous trackbike which costed around $1.000.000 to develop. Loan made possible by Koga and Olaf Wit.


The history and development of Koga bikes
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A track bike for Theo Bos

Koga wanted to develop the best track bike ever for Theo Bos and Dutch track cycling team, to be used at the Beijing Olympics of 2008. The aim was to develop a frameset with extremely high stiffness, low weight, and lowest air resistance. A project to make the fastest bike for the world's fastest rider.

Theo Bos' former sprint frame was thoroughly analysed on stiffness and aerodynamics, setting specific goals for the new design. By using digital simulation techniques, the frame was optimised before even being built. The result was an extremely stiff frame, with a decrease in wind resistance.


Huizenga practices in the wind tunnel - Tests were being done before the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. The Dutch/German windtunnels of DNW are situated in Marknesse. By doing this knowledge about aerodynamica is used for sport.

The Kimera as shown in the picture is one of the first models especially made for Theo Bos. Seat post and saddle are one with the frame to minimise drag and maximise stiffness even more. Eventually, Theo found out that he did prefer a traditional seatpost and saddle, and that's what he used during racing.

Kimera victories

Although the Kimera has not lead Theo Bos to a gold medal in Beijing, he and the members of the Dutch Track cycling team have been very successful on the Kimera. Theo Bos became sprint world champion on the Kimera in 2007 and won silver on the Keirin in the same year. In 2008 he became European Champion. Marianne Vos won a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. At the last track world championships, the Dutch team won 5 medals on Kimeras.


Koga -Miyata Kimera - Courtesy of Koga-Miyata Mayken Craenen


Marianne Vos wins in Beijing on Koga-Miyata Kimera - Courtesy of Koga-Miyata


Theo Bos wins on Koga-Miyata Kimera - courtesy of Koga-Miyata Mayken Craenen

A proof of Theo Bos' amazing tactical skills is this film of one of the final sprints against Chris Hoy (later olympic champion) during the world championships of 2008.

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