Cinelli x Mash green

Collection: Cinelli, Italy


Cinelli x Mash Green 2010 - Image uploaded to Flickr by Marc Cosio Loan from Cinelli

With: Cinelli

Successful Collaboration

After a successful first release, MASH SF and Italian frame builder Cinelli teamed up for this new fixed gear bike designed by Benny Gold as part of their 2010 release. Cinelli is known for transforming bikes into art and creating rare durable bikes. The MASH SF x Cinelli 2010 bike features a green/white colored frame with stickers to resemble the shape of the MASH lightning bolt. The frame is made of aluminium Columbus airplane tubing. The MASH SF x Cinelli frames are made especially for cycling on normal roads and through all kinds of other urban landscapes.


A group of artistic bike fanatics decided to form the group MASH SF. They make all kinds of fixed gear related stuff, such as clothes, books, films and now even bikes.

Benny Gold

Benny Gold is a designer with a personal clothes brand who often cooperates wih other brands and organisations to design clothes, shoes and even shopwindows and stores. He was chief designer for all the products associated with the Mash film in 2007. In 2010, he designed the Cinelli x Mash green.

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MASH SF has made a film about the Fixed Gear culture in San Fransisco.

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