Pre-valentine flirting skills special

Flirting with sock puppets

9 Feb 2007

On this day we prepared those present for Valentine's day 2007. During the Pre-Valentine Skills Special we focussed ourselves on updating our flirting techniques, led by This special evening was part of the exhibition The Girlfriend Experience by Martin Butler (through 9 March).


Flirting with sock puppet - Flirting with sock puppet - Photo Marco Wessel 2007 Marco Wessel

The Programme

from 19.00 DIY Sushi diner (10,- euro)
20.30 - 21.00 Make your own sock puppet (5,- euro)
21.15 - 22.00 Sock puppet Flirting class (5,- euro)

Everyone was welcome to drop by for a full evening of entertainment, including taking the Flirting Class with the help of a self made sock puppet.