practicum 06a

the perfect hangout space for musicians, artists and the public

5 Feb 2006
10 Mar 2006

For a period of six weeks, Mediamatic's exhibition space was taken over by the N Collective, an international network of artists, experimental musicians and composers. Especially for this purpose visual artist James Beckett, and musicians Koen Nutters and Morten J. Olsen built a modular installation including an open podium, an editing room, a practise studio, a music shop and a minibar/restaurant.

Opening performance 5 February at 8 pm featuring the N Collective and Louise Baduel.


practicum 06a opening at Mediamatic - Opening performance 5 February at 8 pm featuring the N Collective and Louise Baduel. Mediamatic Ground floor, photo by Bea Correa Bea Correa

The exhibition Practicum 06a showed what usually remains unseen. A growing number of talented musicians, choreographers and artists is investigating the relationship of sound and music with our tactile environment. Using all possible kinds of instruments ranging from computers and almost antique tube lights to kitchen appliances and more traditional instruments they created beautiful music. With Practicum 06a the makers put this marginal and somewhat obscure scene in the center of attention and invited the spectator in.

With main performances on the Opening and the following Friday nights at 8 and a score of unofficial events taking place whenever they felt like it (which is most of the time). See the programs of Concert 2, Concert 3 , Concert 4, Concert 5 en Concert 6.

There was also the opportunity to have a simple diner or lunch in Practicum 06a but seats are very limited.

In cooperation with the Energetica Museum, f,r,o,g,s, opensource en K/W