Interactive Software Intensive Workshop

with visual artist, performer & designer Jamie Griffiths

23 Aug 2010
26 Aug 2010
  • Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam

Four day workshop.

Setting up an interactive performance system with Isadora & JunXion software, handheld wireless controllers, video, sound and responsive lighting


Jamie Griffiths - source

Dates: August 23 - 26
Cost: € 300
Location: STEIM, Achtergracht 19, Amsterdam

This four day intensive workshop with Jamie Griffiths is a fast-track entry into interactive performance design. Whether you are a visual artist creating museum installations, vj, dj, singer, musician, lighting designer, performance artist, choreographer or film-maker, the workshop frees you up from perceived programming limitations and gives you the skills you need to start experimenting with interactive live performance designs using Isadora software to harness the power of simple tools for design and control of your new media and interdisciplinary ideas. Participants with laptops and Wii controllers (or iPOD Touch) build Isadora software patches as they go through the workshop, ending up with standalone performance ‘patches’ to take away with them, that can run in the free demo version of Isadora on either Mac or PC platforms. The objective of the workshop is to introduce participants to the use of Isadora software as an interactive performance tool and to guide them towards its use in their own work. No previous programming experience is required. Isadora is graphical programming software that you build up with modules, without needing to learn complex programming languages.

Jamie offers 6 months of follow up email consultations for all workshop participants and one-on-one consultation sessions throughout the workshop process.

DAY ONE: Introduction to Concepts & Softwares
DAY TWO: Handheld Controllers, Video Processing & Audio Triggers
DAY THREE: Control Panels, Plugins & Interactive Lighting
DAY FOUR: Camera Tracking, Live Text & Participant Presentations

Jamie Griffiths

is a UK born visual artist, photographer, film director, performer, experimentalist, interactive computer media artist & community gallerist.

Innovations in experimental darkroom techniques led her into film- making and then to performance collaborations with orchestra, dance & theatre, using interactive technology, motion capture/trigger techniques and handheld controllers. Her latest works include 3D video-projection with mathematician & DNA knot specialist, Rob Scharein and the creation of ‘IVY & Me‘ as a performance duet at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver with her custom built pseudo-robot called IVY (Interactive Virtual You).

Photographic portraits in the queer, neo-fetish & transgender cultures in San Francisco,Vancouver & London morphed into experiments with photo-therapy technique, working over extended periods of time on ‘Therapeutic Interpretive Biography’ projects with friends living with hermaphrodism & AIDS/HIV. jamie’s photographic works have exhibited internationally since 1992.

Jamie is a researcher in projection technology & adjunct professor (Film & Theatre) at the University of British Columbia and teaches workshops internationally on art and interactive technology.

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