the Julie Mittens (NL) and Metalux (US)

my favorite things...

6 Jan 2006
  • 20:00 -22:00
  • Worm
  • Achterhaven 148, 3024 RC Rotterdam

The Julie Mittens are a band stemming from a group of disgrunteled record store colleagues in Leiden playing a fragil and a loud noise front in the supposed form of avantrock.

Metalux however, plays cockrock. They have been compared to the Shaggs, which is of course vaguely disconcerting to any professional (or even amateur for that matter) band, but if they manage to capture any of the serendipic genius of the girls, hats off to them as well.

Not a night for those looking for a melodic evening out...

Entrance: 6 eurodollars.

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