Philip Metten - INNERCOMA

27 Jul 2010
10 Oct 2010

INNERCOMA transforms the whole building of Z33 into an enormous sculpture, without a doubt the biggest the city of Hasselt has ever seen.


INNERCOMA poster - INNERCOMA poster, a visualisation of the sculpture INNERCOMA (Turbodisk by Philip Metten, eyes by Eva De Leener, Graphic/font by Tom Tosseyn, painting by Romeo Hoornaert, movie by Toon Aerts)[Add the link INNERCOMA on] Z33 - huis voor actuele kunst, Philip Metten

n 27 June the exhibition INNERCOMA started at Z33. This exhibition transforms the whole of Z33 into an enormous sculpture, without a doubt the biggest the city of Hasselt has ever seen.
Philip Metten (Genk, 1977) is the man behind this gigantic project. Z33 gave him the opportunity to create his first solo exhibition. Philip Metten proposed to transform Z33 into a huge work of art. INNERCOMA will not be an ordinary exhibition, but a kind of explosion within the urban context.

INNERCOMA is not a solo project pur sang. Works of Romeo Hoornaert, Eva De Leener, Tom Tosseyn and Toon Aerts will be integrated in the sculpture: artists Metten can relate to but whose work differs greatly from his. Furthermore, the exhibition will be launched and concluded with performances by Quasar Noise Lab (Dave Schroyen and Aldo Struyf) and POWERHOUSE (Tim Vanhamel and Philip Metten), two collectives that are inextricably intertwined with the work of Philip Metten.

During INNERCOMA the Hasselt Virga Jesse Festivities will also take place (August 13-29 2010). These initially religious festivities are being held for more than six centuries every seven years in Hasselt. On the one hand INNERCOMA can be seen as a critical reflection on this mass event, on the other hand the construction of the sculpture appeals to the temporary architectural constructions that are made in honour of these festivities.

Innercoma can be seen at Z33 from 27 June to 10 October 2010. This exhibition is the second Z-OUT project for Z33. Z-OUT is the project about art in the public space that started in 2009 with Florentijn Hofman’s Badeend (Rubber duck). This project will be developed completely in 2012.