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Festival for art and performance in urban space

Copenhagen International Theatre (KØBENHAVNS INTERNATIONALE TEATER, KIT) presented the second edition of METROPOLIS on August 1st 2009.


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From August 1st until 31st 2009, METROPOLIS had its Copenhagen breakthrough and has come across as a cultural acupuncture of the metropolis of Copenhagen. 24 different nationalities have left their marks on Copenhagen and its inhabitants.

With METROPOLIS 2009 one can safely say that the festival broke through to a wider audience. Thus silencing the critics of 2007, one of which was Politiken’s Monna Dithmer who compared the festival with the game “Find Holger" from a children’s book, because it had not presented enough "large scale for large audience”, both of which have been in abundance at this year's METROPOLIS.

At the same time, the festival has managed not to betray the artistic connoisseurs, inasmuch as it has also featured several artistic works appealing to a smaller audience. One such was “Wasteland” by Lotte van den Berg, the Netherlands. Generally, the METROPOLIS festival has been characterized by the smooth transition between small scale and large scale, by the delicate balance between a number of new, original hybrid forms of art, performance, film installation and city walks.

"This year it has been important for us to reach out to the general public, and this has been accomplished to a large extent. If you want to create a genuine cultural acupuncture of a city, it is important to be able to reach and influence many people” says the artistic direction of METROPOLIS, Trevor Davies and Katrien Verwilt.

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