Kitt Johnson / X-act

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"Rare is the choreographer who can say a great deal with very little"
New York Times


Kitt Johnson in Mirror - Photo by Morten Abrahamsen. Source: Kitt Johnson X-Act website laboratorium

X-act operates with dance, sound, light and space. Using these ingredients Quinta Essentia is in search… the interior directed by a strict logic… the exterior allowing the individual spectators to be present with their own imagination.

Since 1999 the Theatre Council in Denmark has supported the company regularly, which also means that the company has been able to set up a more permanent management structure.

The performances of X-act have been shown in various contexts in Europe as well as North America, Australia, the Middle and Far East, and performances tour on a yearly basis.

Kitt Johnson’s background is in elite athletics, modern and new dance, contact improvisation, martial arts and butoh. As a dancer, performer and choreographer she has worked with Mark Tompkins (F), Norbert Stockheim (D), Sacha Waltz (D), Anita Saij (DK) and Yumiko Yoshioka (D) among others.

Source: X-act website.

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