Martyn F. Overweel / Gijs kast

Exhibition drawings

4 Sep 2010
9 Oct 2010

LhGWR starts the new season with two highly successful artists that share a passion for craftsmanship and both make use of raw and confronting imaging in their drawings: Martyn F. Overweel and Gijs Kast. As illustrators Overweel and Kast work with the developments in our society on a daily basis. They are the 'connaisseurs' of the painful and awkward situations in our lives and present them in their humorous drawings.

Opening: Saturday 4th of September 19.00 hrs.


Martyn F Overweel - bron

Martyn F. Overweel (NL, 1971) loves to evoke a sense of shame with his situational sketches. What can be exposed will be exposed. In his work the human incapacity is embrased without apparent opinion. To the viewer it is obvious that in the archetypical world of Overweel frivolity prevails. However, Overweel finds the transformation of his subjects into extremes and refers with great conviction to the Nazi era, the extravagant side of gay culture and the absurdity of our thriving society. This mounts into a painfully mundane perspective.

Gijs Kast's portraits are stripped from any form of aesthestic. The images offer a direct and confronting reflection that underlines the humanity of the portraited. Kast showes what normally is hidden and uses his humor to make the painful experience of this exposure bearable. Kast reveals the venom within you and offers you the pleasure of a sarcastic peep. It is therefore not hard to tune in to his work.