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Machinima Afternoon

2 November 2006

2 Nov 2006

Screenings, lectures and discussions about new machinima, political machinima, the state of affairs in the Demo scene, creative machinima production methods, the prizes in the Machinima Competition and more!

Xavier Tardy (FR)

Of introduces the audience to the phenomenon of machinima.

Olga Vasquez-Ruano (E, NL) and Rini Hartman (NL)

Will present their quirky ways of making machinima. Their methods were devleped in the Mediamatic Machinima workshops.

Lassi Tasajarvi (FI)

Presents the latest developments in the Demo scene, where people directly program their animations in the game engine, with as little code as possible.

Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (NL)

Discusses the remix of game spaces, and other interesting facets of machinima as genre.

And finally, the winners of the Machinima competition, organised by HAFF, VIRMA and Mediamatic will be announced, and the prizes presented.