Sound Clothing

Make your shirt beep when people touch you, or yell back at you when you scream!

15 Jun 2009
15 Jun 2009

Click here for a full report of the Electro Clothing workshops.

In a series of workshops Mediamatic explored electro-clothing. Clothing that lights up in the dark, clothing that sings when it is touched and clothing that moves when it is cold. Participants brought their own garments to technify.


Nadya Peek is a researcher at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge. There she explores body extensions and identity through hardware, as well as low-power low-cost mobile technology.

Wearables with a sound twist

In the sound workshop, the specific sensors and actuators we were working with were microphones and piezo buzzers. During the workshop we integrated sound-based sensors and actuators into your clothing.
In the electronics kit, included in the price of the workshop were the sensors, the actuators, a preprogrammed AVR chip to control the input and the output and laser cut conductive fabric traces you could iron on to any clothing you brought along. To make better connections there was conductive thread and metallic snaps and buttons. People could also bring their own Arduino. By the end of the workshop everyone had constructed their own electro-clothing.


Wearable workshop, picture by Nadya Peek. - Nadya Peek