Workshop Generating VGA Signals

Now in amazing 3-bit color!

13 Nov 2009
13 Nov 2009

By using the very simple and cheap PIC Microchip micro-controller it's possible to generate signals. With these signals you can display all kinds of pixel patterns on any VGA monitor or beamer. During the workshop participants will create their own "VGA test box" that will make it possible for you to do the same.


VGA Workshop. The test box is working! - Deborah M. Kōdō

Our Mediamatic Lab colleague and trainer Arjan Scherpenisse was a part-time student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and graduated in July 2009 with an installation consisting of 72 centrally-controlled VGA monitors, using self-built electronics. The workshop is based on this VGA box and the participants will learn how to build one themselves and create fabulous imagery.


The micro-controller will be programmed using the PIC assembly language. However, no assembly coding skills are required, as pre-programmed chips will be available, and participants can create and upload their own image / logo for their test box. Participants do need some soldering skills. The more adventurous participants can use the prepared micro-controller to hook it up to an Arduino or I2C chip, so that the VGA signal can be modified using a more powerful computer. (If you want to do this, please bring your own Arduino or I2C chip)!

Requirements and price

Soldering experience is handy. Please bring your laptop with some sort of drawing / sketching software! Workshop times are from 10.00 - 14.00. The workshop costs € 30 and includes your VGA box. Please pay in cash at the bar when you arrive. We have a receipt.

Information and registration

Please register by clicking the 'count me in' button. Two weeks before the workshop starts we'll notify you again.
If you have questions or need more information, please contact workshop manager Deborah Meibergen:

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