Sneaker and t-shirt customizing with LEYP

Design your own shirt and sneakers with Leyp

26 Mar 2010
26 Mar 2010

Driven by a shared passion for sneakers, three friends created in 2004. Creative in different aspects, Leyp has engaged in many different activities. Their focus came to lie on sneaker customizing, clothing production, graphic design and art illustration.


Custom Kick by Leyp - Picture taken from their website .



Leyp was established by Fernon Lagenhorst, Nick Kailola and Darrin Umboh and has consistently been supported by a range of creative experts. Leyp mainly customizes shoes, but also beertenders, watercoolers, saddles and Nespresso machines have been handled!
Next to that, it also offers its expertise in the communication, advertising and promotional area. Through implementation of tailor-made novel ideas into design and illustration, Leyp can offer its clients a complete package that may include logos, character design, flyers, posters, walls, etc. Leyp has been present at a lot of different events like Bread & Butter, Modefabriek, de Huishoudbeurs, Streetlab, shop-openings, youth-events, etc.


LEYP will give a short presentation about their work. After that, we have a table full of markers, knives, cutting boards and a transfer-press waiting for you to customize your t-shirts. We have pre-cut letters (flock) in black and white letters and lots of crazy colored poly-flex to make lasting (and washable) t-shirts!


LEYPOS - Taken from their website